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Who’s Who at the Afro-Book Festival?

Atul Marewad, Asia and Middle East Regional Coordinator

In the vibrant landscape of Maharashtra, India, Atul Marewad stands as a literary virtuoso, a seasoned academician, and a captivating storyteller. Currently residing in the cultural haven of Pune, his journey from the halls of Rajaram College, Kolhapur, to the intellectual bastion of Ferguson College, India, weaves a tale of academic excellence.

Beyond borders, Atul assumes the role of the Asia and Middle East Regional Coordinator for the Accra International Book Festival, where he becomes a bridge between cultures. His efforts aim to showcase the rich tapestry of global literary talent, celebrating diverse voices from around the world. Currently, Atul’s academic pursuits find him on a profound journey pursuing a Ph.D. in the future of cinema and literature—a testament to his deep-rooted passion for the arts. Simultaneously, his creative endeavors take form in a debut novel and feature film, promising to unveil his unique talent to a broader audience.

Venessa Oduma Boamah, Program Coordinator

Venessa Oduma Boamah is an accounting graduate from the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) and currently pursuing her Professional qualification in ACCA. As a practicing journalist, Venessa has written several articles focusing on the environment, education, the economy, and students’ affairs.

Iris Naa Norkor Akwetey, Executive Director

Iris Naa Norkor Akwetey is an aviation expert who has significant experience working with leading organisations in Ghana, America, and Canada. Iris loves reading and his passion for everything literature has encouraged him to spearhead reading activities in Ghana and America.